Empowering Artisans Preserving Tradition  

Kala Srishti is India’s largest immersive artisan hub where people can buy products made by artisans directly

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Craftsmanship Beyond Borders

We at Vosmos are committed to preserving and promoting traditional artisanal skills. Kala Srishti is our passion project to encourage artisans to continue practicing their craft with pride and expertise. The project goes beyond mere preservation; it aims to create sustainable livelihoods for artisans.

We have created this virtual world- Kala Srishti with a holistic approach to artisan empowerment. By combining the preservation of heritage, economic empowerment, innovation, community building, global exposure, and education, the project seeks to create a sustainable and empowering ecosystem for artisans to thrive.

Kala Srishti, translated as the 'creation of art,' is a cosmic dance where artisans transmute raw materials into expressions of beauty. Picture an ancient loom, its rhythmic clatter echoing the heartbeat of a village where every weaver, potter, and painter is a custodian of a story waiting to unfold. The artisans are not  mere craftsmen; they are storytellers who carve narratives into wood, weave dreams into fabrics, and paint emotions onto canvases.

The virtual realm of Kala Srishti is a celebration of the diverse Indian heritage, where regional nuances and traditional art forms intertwine to create a kaleidoscope of creativity. In this enchanted realm, every chisel stroke, every brushstroke, is a dialogue with the spirits of ancestors, an homage paid through the creation of art. The ethos of Kala Srishti envisions a future where the artisans are not just preservers of tradition but pioneers of innovation. Empowered by technology and connected to global markets, they envisage a world where their creations transcend borders. Backed by education, technology, and fair-trade practices, these artisans dream of a world where their creations aren't just commodities but ambassadors of the rich cultural tapestry they represent.

कला सृष्टि अर्थात कला का सृजन। जब कारीगर कच्चेमाल को कलात्मक रूप प्रदान करते हैं तो वह लौकिक अनुभव होता है। एक प्राचीन करघे की कल्पना करें, इसकी लयबद्ध गड़गड़ाहट एक गाँव की धड़कन को प्रतिध्वनित करती है। यहाँ हर बुनकर, कुम्हार और चित्रकार अपने भीतर एक अनकही कहानी संजोए हुए हैं। कारीगर महज़ कारीगर नहीं हैं। वे कहानीकार हैं जो कहानियों को लकड़ी पर उकेरते हैं, सपनों की तरह कपड़ों में बुनते हैं और भावनाओं के रूप में कैनवस पर चित्रित करते हैं। कला सृष्टि का आभासी क्षेत्र विविध भारतीय विरासत का उत्सव है। जहां क्षेत्रीय बारीकियां और पारंपरिक कलाएं आपस में जुड़कर एक रचनात्मक कलाईडोस्कोप बनाती हैं। इस अद्भुत क्षेत्र में, प्रत्येक छेनी का आघात, प्रत्येक ब्रशस्ट्रोक, पूर्वजों की आत्माओं के साथ संवाद करता प्रतीत होता है। कला के माध्यम से उन्हें दी गई एक श्रद्धांजलि।

कला सृष्टि एक ऐसे भविष्य की कल्पना करता है जहां कारीगर न केवल परंपरा के संरक्षक हों बल्कि नई परंपराओं के नायक हों। टेक्नोलॉजी से सशक्त और विश्व के बाजारों से जुड़ कर, वे एक ऐसी दुनिया की कल्पना करें जहां उनकी रचनाएं सीमाओं से परे हों। शिक्षा, टेक्नोलोजी और उचित व्यापार प्रथाओं द्वारा कारीगर एक ऐसी दुनिया का सपना देखें, जहां उनकी रचनाएं सिर्फ वस्तुएं नहीं अपितु समृद्ध सांस्कृति की राजदूत हैं।

Why Kala Srishti?

Our endevour is to build a community of artisans who can showcase, sell and reach out to a wider audience from the comfort of their workshop floor.

Global Exposure:

Connect with international buyers through multilingual support system and go beyond local markets

Cultural Preservation:

Promote traditional art forms, ensuring their continued relevance. 

Data-Driven Insights

Understand consumer preferences and market trends. The AI integration ensures virtual assistance for customers and a robust analytics dashboard for the artisan.


What our clients say

B D Ansari

happy customer

With Vosmos I hope we can preserve this art of weaving. If we can earn well then many artisans will continue working on their craft.


happy customer

I gave up a full-time job to join this legacy business with my father and brother. With Kala Srishti, I can market and sell my product to different regions in the world.


happy customer

I am hopeful that my business will grow and I can sell directly to customers. We don’t make a lot of money because of the product changing many hands before it reaches the customer.

B D Ansari

happy customer

With Vosmos I hope we can preserve this art of weaving. If we can earn well then many artisans will continue working on their craft.

Connect with us to grow this community

If you are an artisan, connect with us and we can help you take your talent to all corners of the world. If you an ardent supporter of the artisan community in India, lets collaborate to promote and preserve the legacy of the Indian artisans.

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