Going Live with Hybrid Events: A New Era of Engagement and ROI

The term “Hybrid” is no more a strange word. Hybrid has redefined the way the corporate world functions by defining the rules of the new normal for the workforce worldwide. However, hybrid is not limited to the working state of employees. The world is now also familiar with the concept of hybrid events.

Hybrid events are beyond just live-streamed presentations. Today with the metaverse and various virtual technologies, hybrid events have the capability to offer a fully immersive experience. These experiences have increased engagement and increased the average ROI.

It is now time for businesses to choose a more responsive method of connecting with their audiences. They can transform the face of their town halls, product launches and seminars with a hybrid makeover. Businesses can enable their audience to consume digital content with the flexibility of coming together with the physical world. As per research, participants saw an increased ROI of 47% from hybrid events in the span of 3-6 months and close to 86% within a year.

Despite how the virtual world is perceived, it does not require high-end complicated technology equipment to be used. Unlike AR/VR and holograms, hybrid events are one of the most cost-effective event strategies. Vosmos empowers businesses to produce quality hybrid events without having to indulge in complicated code and functions. All you have to do is envision your event and Vosmos will make it happen.

But let’s first understand why businesses need to deep dive into hybrid events for achieving their goals.

1. Expanding their reach

With hybrid events, the brands’ target audience has the option to either attend the event virtually or physically. It blurs the geographical and other limitations, giving the audience no reason to skip the event. Using the Vosmos platform, the hosts can give the attendees the best of both worlds to choose from anywhere, anytime.

2. Flexibility for speakers and sponsors

Have you ever wanted to invite a speaker to your event, but couldn’t make it possible due to logistical issues? Well, not anymore. With hybrid events, you can pick your favourite influencer, leader, expert, etc. to speak at your event without any physical constraints. As for the sponsors, it’s an opportunity that they cannot refuse. Targeting with two platforms to a larger-than-life audience.

3. Monitor and analyze audience activities

With hybrid events, Vosmos can easily track, analyze, and capture audience insights for your business. This will enable you to measure ROI and build strategies to enhance customer experience with your brand.

4. Customize audience experience

In this best of both worlds, engage with your customers and help them gain deeper insights into your brand offerings. As for the virtual audience, give them front-row seats in all your sessions and performances. Push beyond the boundaries of an ordinary event and create an engaging experience.

5. Dynamic and engaging experiences

On an immersive platform like Vosmos, you can design experiences that resonate with your brand and are engaging at the same time. With polls, quizzes and other responsive games, virtual audiences will not miss out on any physical event experiences.

With convenience being the pinnacle of customer experience, hybrid events meet the criteria. Vosmos has the capability and expertise to execute the hybrid events and scale them up to the peaks. A platform that is tailor-made for your audience, there is nothing you can’t do.