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The Metaverse for 
Experiential Commerce

How about building stores, designing virtual tours or developing real estate? Give your customers 3D experiences in the metaverse virtual reality. ​​

Virtual Mall

Make your customers shop in a digitally re-created shopping mall. Showcase products in 3D and get instant products sales with integrated features of an e-commerce platform.

Shopping Can’t Get More Real, Virtually

  • Add immersive experience to your online stores
  • Get instant product sales with integrated payment gateway
  • Design innovative business models - lease out virtual stores
  • Add gamification interventions to boost engagement
  • Make your customers interact with your sales team over video conference

Virtual Trade Shows

Host expos and trade shows across genres and industries to close on-the-spot deals with integrated networking tools such as chatbots, video conferencing and WhatsApp.​​​

Learn, Work, Play, Shop, Socialise, Entertain. Live in Vosmos​

  • Create multiple zones to showcase products across categories
  • Reach your customers across industries, globally
  • Add gamification interventions to boost engagement
  • Host interactive webinars to educate customers
Create immersive virtual experiences with the power of AI 
Meet Virsa – our smart virtual assistance 

Driven by Artificial Intelligence, Virsa provides personalized recommendations to delegates. Make your delegate journey experiential, immersive and personalised. ​

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Virtual Retail Store

Bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping experience by building a virtual avatar of your retail outlets. Use 3D models of your products to present them to your customers and engage with buyers in real time.​

Re-define the Shopping Experience!

  • Give a touch of (virtual) reality to online shopping
  • Reach out to your potential buyers globally
  • Integrate payment gateways to get instant product sales
  • Offer differentiation against established global brands
  • Offer virtual try-ons and expert recommendations to buyers with video conferencing

Virtual Art Gallery

The virtual Vosmos art gallery is your canvas to the world. Share your art, scale your reach and carve your niche in the metaverse. ​ ​​​

Showcase Your Art to the World!

  • Share your art with a global audience & directly with collectors
  • Scale your presence from local to global & from physical to online
  • Sell more, impress & attract potential customers

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